3. Reviving a sunnah!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Dedicated to my second follower: Troubled Illusions

On reaching home I raced my brother to the T.V. remote. Soon we were wrestling with each other for it. But then he started tickling me! I hate being tickled so I began screaming. Our noise brought mummy to intervene.

“Allah! what are you’ll fighting for did you’ll even eat? Come give me that remote and get in the kitchen and eat like civilised people. No you are not allowed to eat in front of the T.V. Where did I go wrong. It’s your father’s fault with all of his not extremist crap!  Read Ta’awwuz and stop fighting over that Shaytaan box. I hate that thing, I don’t know how I let your father buy it. For acting like little children maybe I should treat you like children.Wash your hands my babies, and don’t forget to read you Dua, do you need mummy to feed you?”

We both sheepishly went to eat lunch. Mummy refused to give us the remote saying “If you’ll prove to me that y’all can behave and do atleast 10 Sunnats of Jumuah then I’ll think about giving it to y’all on Saturday? It’s useless to do it just for the remote, do it solely for Allah because how can you expect reward from Allah when your intention was everything else but Allah.”

These are the 10 Sunan I chose:

  1. Clip nails
  2. Surah Dukhaan
  3. Miswaak
  4. Oil
  5. Surma
  6. Ghusl
  7. Best clothes
  8. Surah Kahf
  9. 80 Durood after Asr
  10. Dua before Maghrib

As soon as Maghrib Salaah was over I began clipping my nails. Thereafter I recited Surah Dukhaan. After supper and when making wudhu for Isha I used a Miswaak. I knew I would get funny comments from my brother about looking like a wet fowl if he saw me with oiled hair so just before I went to sleep I put oil in my hair intending to wash it out in the morning and put Surma in my eyes and jumped into bed.

After half an hour of tossing and turning I decided this was useless. On spying the Surma bottle an idea came to mind. I quickly got out of bed and sneaked to my brother’s room. I’m sure you guessed my idea by now. Knowing that my brother would not have chosen surma as one of his Sunnats because apparently its make up, I decided to put for him. I don’t know why we afraid to follow the sunnah afraid of what people will think. I think it will actually make others admire you more because you have the guts to do what you want but I guess to each person their own opinion.

I’m happy that he’s not a light sleeper but I still have to be careful because he’s no heavy sleeper either. I began putting Surma for him. 3 times in the right eye and while I was putting in the left eye …oops… I poked him. Sensing that he’s going to wake up I ran to my room and locked my door. As my heart beat began slowing down I realised he was probably a heavier sleeper than I thought. I was so proud of my self for reviving a sunnah, the sunnah of men wearing surmah. Did you know the reward for reviving a sunnah is the reward of a hundred matyrs. I went to sleep very pleased with myself.



Just aspiring to inspire through the pen, or should I say, keyboard. May Allah Ta’ala accept my efforts and make it a source of Hidayah for the Ummah.

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