6. I dare you…

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Basheera answered the door remarking, “Wow someone’s very polite today.””Don’t start, I just got a bayaan on that today, and don’t you dare suggest doing make overs because I’d then I’d rather spend the day playing ‘house-house’ with Yaseera.” I replied. “OK,OK, How about we call Hafsa over and start planning for our entrepreneurs day?” Basheera asked.

Ten minutes later Hafsa arrived and we began googling ideas for our stall. We decided on doughnuts because who doesn’t love doughnuts? Besides there wasn’t much work involved. We decided that we’d get together on Wednesday to make the batter and prepare the toppings and then Thursday is entrepreneurs day.

Hafsa suggested “Why don’t we wear the same colour Hijaab?” Basheera agreed, “I love your idea, Now that we finish sort out what we selling, let’s sort out what we wearing. It’s such a relief that we don’t have to wear those bin bags they call uniforms. There is no way you wearing your usual sweatpants and those baggy T-shirts Khawla, come on, you’re a girl for goodness sake. You know what I Dare you to wear a dress! I don’t think you have the guts to do it.” “Never one to back down from a dare, even though the last time I wore a dress was when I was 5 years old, I said “You on.”

“…with heels?” Basheera added. “No ways” I replied “Now you pushing it.” Basheera undeterred added “I think you just don’t know how to walk in heels, It’s not like I’m forcing you to wear stilettos you can use my kitty heels. I know what, I bet you ferrero croissants you can’t wear it.”

“Stop,stop,” I said already craving those croissants “besides, betting is Haraam.” “Actually, you get double sided bets where e.g. If you win, she’ll bake for you and if she wins, you have to bake for her- that’s haraam because its double sided, but one sided bets is like this where if you win she’ll bake for you croissants and if you lose you don’t have to do anything for her  in return, because the bet is only one sided, it is actually permissible in Islaam.” Hafsa said.

“Ok then, I agree,” I told Basheera, the craving for those croissants were just too great to ignore. I know I’m going to regret this but it’s too late. I’ve already agreed and Basheera would never let me back down. I quickly phone mummy to come pick me up fearing that Basheera would some how rope in to doing something else that I hate. Why did she know me so well?



Just aspiring to inspire through the pen, or should I say, keyboard. May Allah Ta’ala accept my efforts and make it a source of Hidayah for the Ummah.

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