23. Tact.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

“I can’t believe you’re doing this. It looks disgusting. I never thought you’d be one of those people…” Hafsa’s soft but firm voice stopped my rant, “Khawla, Enough! She doesn’t even know what you talking about.”

I paused giving her a sheepish smile before turning back towards Basheera and continuing, ” That silly clip on your head Basheera, I don’t like it.” Basheera crossly replied, “But I like it. I don’t know what you going on for. I like this style, not like you know anything about fashion, besides I’ve seen lots of women in niqaab wearing it. I like how it looks so I bought it and wore it. I don’t see who gives you the right to tell me what to do anyway.”

Realising that I was handling the situation quite badly I decided to keep my mouth shut and let Hafsa handle it rather. “You know I also like that style. It’s most commonly known as the camel hump hijab, right?” Hafsa questioned. My mouth dropped open in shock. What the heck was she doing? She’s supposed to be discouraging her not encouraging her.

Hafsa continued, “I’ve often contemplated trying it out but do you know what’s stopping me? If it wasn’t for this I would have definitely worn it also. There is hadith that says that there is a group of women who leave alone not being allowed entry into Jannah, will not even be allowed to smell Jannah. If you travel with the fastest jet, at the speed of sound it will take you about five hundred years to travel the distance between Jannah and the place where the fragrance of Jannah ends and can no longer be perceived and yet these women will not enter Jannah nor will they beable to smell Jannah which can be smelled from a distance of 500 years away. Do you know who these women are?”

Hafsa then related the Hadith and said, “I’m not saying you are from these women especially knowing that you’ve got a very great trait that these women lack i.e modesty. However due to the fact that these women are destined for Jahannum I hate that I or any of my loved ones even come close to imitating a single thing that they do.  One of the most distinguished traits of these women are ‘heads like the humps of camels.’ The camel hump hijab has been given its name because it makes your head resemble a camel’s hump and that is what has put me off it and the reason why I don’t wear it. Don’t let such a silly thing like fashion draw the the anger and wrath of Allah towards you. Please take it out and let me retie your scarf for you. There’s this new hijab style I’ve been itching to try on someone, please let me try it on you.”

I was downright impressed. I just watched Hafsa in amazed silence and thanked Allah for allowing me to befriend such a wonderful, person. She explained it so well without degrading anyone or insulting anyone. Unlike me, instead of getting Basheera upset and defensive she made her understand why it’s wrong. That’s something I really lack but need to learn, tact. I need to think properly before speaking to anyone. I may have good intentions but sometimes I tend to unknowingly make the situation worse instead of better. I made a silent dua for Allah to give me the ability to speak to people in a way that affects their hearts.



Just aspiring to inspire through the pen, or should I say, keyboard. May Allah Ta’ala accept my efforts and make it a source of Hidayah for the Ummah.

6 thoughts on “23. Tact.

  1. Wow! Something i want Allah Ta’ala to grant me too. . The right way of saying something & actually getting the message accross. . I too am like Khowla, we have good intentions just the way we say it spoils it. . I admire those that have that ability.

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      1. That’s also true. . I too find it easier to type the message & get it accross. . Guess my life has resorted to it. . With kids, its tough having a decent converstaion with anyone🙈. . Especially if u don’t want the kids to find out any un needed knowledge so to say. . So yeah easier typing & sending a message. .

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  2. So true about that camel hump thingy!!!
    To b honest i hate how it looks👎🏼Its like u growing another head💂🏼🙈
    Butt the sad thing is many hav fallen for it:(
    May ALLAH (swt)guide us all—-آمِيْن—-

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